Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Stocks to Watch before Fiesta

Getting ready for Zandunga

COCO - Watch this stock for a possible run based on CECO peer news, if it gets the right momo could even hit $3 magneto. Stop $2.32

KIOR - OK, so based on TA this one looks poised for a nice move, nevertheless it appears to be lacking the necessary volume for it. Still should be stalked because this train could leave the station in the blink of an eye. The stock is currently trading above 50EMA, if it holds 2.57, then expect a run to $3 to try and breakout of that bull flag. Stop $2.35

RSOL - This pattern we see on this chart has always been the most profitable for me in the past. The stock is begging to spike higher out of this flagging consolidation, notice that it goes down on low volume and up with increased volume. I think the bears might lose this fight (almost 50% of float short). Also, stochastic does not show an overbought condition, only RSI does, but notice how it is perking up once again. Let's wait and see. Stop $3.86  

ZLCS - Keep an eye on this stock as it has bounced very nicely and is looking strong here for a $5 test, should hold 4.80 to maintain long bias. The market is expecting results on its lead candidate Z160 on Phase II in this quarter and if positive, it'll be Zandunga time. Stop $4.65 

ZNGA - The market is celebrating an earnings beat on this one, pretty heavy float, not expecting a really big move but who knows it might. Keep on watch list, a very scalp friendly stock as it is it provides great liquidity. 

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Disclaimer: The above are merely my own opinions as a trader and are in no way recommendations to buy or sell any of the stocks mentioned. Trading penny stocks is not for everyone and carries a lot of risk. Trade at your own risk. I publish all my trades in StockTwits and Twitter just for the sake of sharing, @leopoldtrader73.

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